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The Staff here at Four Corners Construction is excited to build on their already established reputation. As owner of Brian Terry Vinyl & Aluminum for the last twelve years Brian and the staff have already been working hard so that we can be proud to put our family name on every project we start. FCC is not just a new business, but a sister company to BTVA. We will continue to run BTVA as we always have. Upholding our motto "Committed to Quality". Brian has work in the construction industry for more than 20 years and is ready to put what he has learned into FCC, excited to give homeowners more options. We now can offer more custom services, such as room additions and remodels. While still keeping pride and craftsmanship as a top priority. As a State Certificated Building Contractor, Brian is excited to take on larger projects that really showcase the talented team we have put in place. Thank for stopping by our page and keep in mind " if you can dream it we can ( and it would be our pleasure) to build it"!

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